Front Porch Reveal (Updated)

It’s starting to feel like spring over here!

We moved into our house six months ago, so it was about time I did something! Plus, the weather has been amazing lately!



In progress

Can you believe I got this bench at Ross for only $60? All the plants are from Lowe’s.

I still want to add a small table and a few more things (spring colors pillows, welcome sign, and no soliciting sign) but so far it has come a long way!

Like I said, it is not done just yet but I had to share the progress!

** edited to add pictures of my table! My kind neighbor read that I was looking for a table, so she blessed me with one.**

My boy is really enjoying watering the plants! I look forward to many days reading out on my front porch.

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Happiest At Home

Sometimes I overhear conversations of other parents with well planned out trips and activities and busy weekends planned out for the rest of the year filled with fun and I can’t help but feel as if our lives must not be that exciting. I was just telling the hubz that I think we are totally becoming homebodies. But… I was not always one. Before  motherhood, I was always adventurous and spontaneous, so staying home most of the time is not something  I always loved or imagined I’d be doing someday. I always wanted to be on the go and discover […]

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How I Organized My Pantry

Organizing…organizing…organizing! I’ve been wanting to organize my little pantry for quite some time now. Every time I cleaned it, it would go right back to how it was–a hot crazy mess. So I knew that I had to make a change and really organize with baskets and sealed containers. The only problem with that is that I didn’t want to get those nasty little bugs (weevils) crawling everywhere and in everything. SOLUTION: I did some research and  placing bay leaves in rice, flour, grains, cereal etc..seemed much easier than freezing 50lbs of rice. Everyone swears by it so I’m hopeful […]

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