Oh, baby!

This past weekend was a lovely and busy one!

The main event that occured was my baby shower! This post is mostly to share the pictures and a few details some people asked about.  Here are the pics from baby shower for baby #3!

About my dress: believe it or not, I got it from Amazon.com.  Since becoming a mama of two, I have totally become an amazon mom. Surprisingly,  I’ve had good luck when it comes to buying dresses on Amazon.  I believe it was about $34. Amazon seems to be the only place I can buy a long dress that actually looks good.



This decor was completely Pinterest inspired!

The pom pom pouf was purchased at party city if you’re wondering and the beautiful vases from Dollar Tree! I filled them up with pink candy and pink chocolate Hersheys. The pink ones on the end, also from Dollar Tree, I filled them with white rocks.

For drinks, I skipped on the sodas and made a non-alcoholic margarita and lemonade station punch style. It was a hit.

All in all, I had a great time with all the guests (friends, family, and neighbors).

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Front Porch Summer Decor

I’ve always dreamed of having a beautifully decorated front porch. I imagined myself changing the decor per the season of the year. But when you live in the desert like Arizona, it’s not really practical. Many of us Arizonans still take the chance and decorate for summer.  My hardest challenge is keeping my plants fresh  and breathing during those hot summer months. I buy new plants about every 6 months because mines never make it through the summer.  My husband tells me I’m wasting money, but what can I say? I love plants! One thing I have learned about front […]

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Front Porch Reveal (Updated)

It’s starting to feel like spring over here! We moved into our house six months ago, so it was about time I did something! Plus, the weather has been amazing lately! And… Can you believe I got this bench at Ross for only $60? All the plants are from Lowe’s. I still want to add a small table and a few more things (spring colors pillows, welcome sign, and no soliciting sign) but so far it has come a long way! Like I said, it is not done just yet but I had to share the progress! ** edited to […]

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Tips On Cleaning a Large House

OK…so if your house  is considered large–by large, I mean 2000 sq ft or more, bless your heart. I’m  with you. I know how difficult it is to clean such a massive house. When we originally decided to move from our 2000 sq ft house ,  I didn’t  necessarily want a huge house, but I wanted something more updated with an open floor plan in my preferred school district. My husband on the other hand,  was like… either we go big or not at all. Lol. Overall, I’d like to think I am a pretty clean and organized person, but […]

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Happiest At Home

Sometimes I overhear conversations of other parents with well planned out trips and activities and busy weekends planned out for the rest of the year filled with fun and I can’t help but feel as if our lives must not be that exciting. I was just telling the hubz that I think we are totally becoming homebodies. But… I was not always one. Before  motherhood, I was always adventurous and spontaneous, so staying home most of the time is not something  I always loved or imagined I’d be doing someday. I always wanted to be on the go and discover […]

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Decorating For Fall On a Budget

Who says decorating for the season has to be pricey? Given that we just moved into a new home, I decided not to go all out with the fall decor this year. But I had to do something! So I’m sharing what I have so far…nothing fancy–just a few simple decor I picked up at Ross and the Dollar Tree. It’s all about how you make it/customize it. Think outside the box and be creative when your budget doesn’t allow! Just to clarify, I do not celebrate or participate in anything Halloween, but I do enjoy decorating for Fall. The […]

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Enrich Your Space With Flowers

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on flowers. But no one says you have to be one or that you should break the bank to have some pretty flowers around the house. I bought these at my local martketplace and was instructed on how to properly care for them. I’ll try to change them up a bit every two weeks or so. Many people have misconceptions about flowers such as: Flowers are girly. You shouldn’t buy yourself flowers. Flowers are expensive. Flowers are only for special occasions But I’m learning that floral centerpieces  can brighten up any room […]

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What Makes a Home?

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. – Maya Angelou                                                     Moving can definitely be bittersweet. I honestly did not feel sad at all at first. it was all joy, peace, and happiness. I didn’t really miss the old house until today.  I don’t miss it in a “I want to move back” kind of way, but I just […]

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