How I Put My Home Coffee Bar Together And What’s In My Coffee

Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.

-Fran Drescher



Let’s talk about something I love so very much: COFFEE.

Today I’m going to share my Coffee Bar/Station and give you details on how it came to be. Also, I will share how I make the best espresso right from my home.

So, I knew I wanted a coffee bar in our new home, but I originally wanted it near an empty wall near the breakfast room /dining table. I had it all wrong in my head. I saw some inspiration on Pinterest, and was going to do something similar to:

These are really cute home coffee bars.  I told hubby what I wanted and even showed him pics. Let’s just say he wasn’t feeling it. We went back and forth for a while, and I was trying to convince him. He was not having it. The area/wall I originally wanted to do my small coffee bar at was a NO for him. Then he suggested the “Butler’s Pantry” area.


My first response was “NO.” I was so hung up on my original idea–until it hit me. All this time, I had the perfect place to create the best coffee bar/station ever.  I can’t believe I almost settled for just a wall!?!? So I immediately got to work! Good thing is that I already had everything. I just didn’t know when/how I would set it up. But when I found the perfect spot, there was no turning back.





I bought these items over a period of time. I did not go on some sort of Coffee Items Shopping Spree. All of these were purchased at different stores such as Ross Dress For Less, HomeGoods, Kirkland’s, and Hobby Lobby.

Purchased Wooden "Coffee" at Kirkland's.
Purchased Wooden “Coffee” at Kirkland’s.

The mugs from HomeGoods.

The wooden “coffee” was on sale at Kirkland’s for $12.
This one I purchased at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for $16.

Now… what is in my COFFEE? Which coffee do I prefer? I used to drink Lavazza until I discovered Dallmayr Espresso Monaco, then I discovered Cafe Bustelo Ground Espresso. I prefer Dallmayr Espresso Monaco out of the three.



I tried it for the first time two years ago. My sister in law bought it for me from HomeGoods  for my birthday and I was hooked! It is European coffee from Germany. It is the best espresso I’ve had. Better than Illy and all those popular brands.

It has such a perfect smooth taste for espressos. It is not bitter or too strong. Just perfect. I drink Bustelo when I run out –like now.

I love cappuccinos, but my usual everyday coffee is a mocha, so I use Torani Chocolate Sauce and stir it with one spoon of sugar before pouring the coffee.  I am a Bialetti Moka Pot fan. Go Italy!  I used to have a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine that I purchased for $39, but my espressos were never hot enough and it did not taste as good as it does with the Moka pot. I use a hand frother or my electric frother milk warmer for frothy milk/whip cream. I just use whole milk, if you’re wondering.   Starbucks what?

One day, I’d like to own a “real” espresso machine, but this works for now! People  are always impressed and shocked at how good my espressos taste.

So, there you have it: My coffee bar and what’s in my coffee! Let’s hear it, coffee lovers, what’s in your coffee? Do you have an aspiring coffee bar?



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