Sometimes what we think we want so bad is not necessarily what is best for us.

I thought I wanted to have a full-time job and get my career rolling.

But I’m starting to realize that maybe it isn’t what I should focus on right now. I have a beautiful 8-month old baby who needs his mama, and I should enjoy every single moment with him instead of wasting time wondering why so and so company decided not to hire me. (By the way, why do companies interview external candidates when they know that they will end up hiring an internal candidate? Stop wasting people’s time!)

Before KLM came into this world, I had no idea that he would change my life so much. In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, I know that there is a little funny guy who will always put a smile on my face.

Most mothers have no choice but to go back to work only after six weeks time off, but I am fortunate to be able to spend time and witness all of my baby’s milestones (thanks for making it possible, M.A., my husband) 

The older KLM gets, the more attached I become. I only work/teach three days a week  for a couple of hours, and on those days that I drop him off at his in-home daycare, my heart cringes every single time–even though it is literally only for a couple of hours. Just the thought of leaving him for eight hours plus now suddenly seems emotionally painful.

Those are the challenges that working mothers face–being away from their children. Being an adjunct professor has its disadvantages and advantages, but now that I’m a mother, I’m starting to realize that it might not be so bad after all. Teaching part-time gives me the opportunity to spend time with my son, while still doing what I love. Some days are more difficult than others though. So much that  I’m considering teaching only online or evenings when The Hubz is home. God knows what’s best for me and my family, so my prayer is that His will be done in our lives. He knows the desires of my heart, and my desire is to give my child the best of the best.


If you’re a mom, why/how did you decide to be a working mom or a stay at home mom?

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Exercising With Your Baby (A Good Bond)

Fitness is a challenge. Staying in shape is a challenge. Taking the time to exercise when you become a parent is even more challenging. On the days that I can’t exercise as long as I would like,  I try to include my baby in my workout session. He truly loves it, and has a blast. “The key is finding an activity that you enjoy and that meshes with your schedule and lifestyle. If you like what you do during your workout, you’ll view it as a necessity rather than an option.”–BabyCenter   Working out with your baby can also be […]

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