I am Grateful For… 

Today is (was for some) Thanksgiving . 

There are many things that I am grateful for today . I really experienced God’s favor in my life this  year. Not so  much of the materialistic things though…although  I am grateful for my dream home, of course. 

I am more grateful for good health. Simple.

A couple of weeks ago, I received the scariest phone call yet to date from my mother. It was my father. Next  thing I knew I was on a flight to Dallas to go see him at the hospital . I will not write details here, but it was something I hope we don’t have to experience again. It really  had me realize what’s important and how to cherish little  moments with those still in my life. 

We easily get carried away with the busyness of life .  Always on the go. From work to school to family and etc. it sometimes leaves no room to appreciate the little things and take those we consider family for granted .  sometimes it’s not until something bad happens that we finally pause and  reevaluate things.

Anyway, fast forward  two weeks later, my dad is back at home  and we are just so glad and grateful for a speedy recovery.  

Today , I gathered around our new dining table with those I love and call my family. we ate. we talked. we laughed. and it was simply beautiful. 

I am grateful to be here today. 

I am grateful for good health . 

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