Decorating For Fall On a Budget

Who says decorating for the season has to be pricey? Given that we just moved into a new home, I decided not to go all out with the fall decor this year. But I had to do something! So I’m sharing what I have so far…nothing fancy–just a few simple decor I picked up at Ross and the Dollar Tree. It’s all about how you make it/customize it. Think outside the box and be creative when your budget doesn’t allow! Just to clarify, I do not celebrate or participate in anything Halloween, but I do enjoy decorating for Fall.

The beauty of home ownership is decorating for the season.


I got the fall wreath from Ross Dress For Less for about $15. I’d like to add some pumpkins as well.

We have not purchased our formal dining set yet, so I’m sharing the family breakfast roomΒ for now. Hopefully we’ll have it by Christmas.


The red/orange glass champagne looking bottle, I got from the Dollar Tree. Such a hit!


Add some candles too!


I ordered some LED light strings to add in the glass champagne container. Can’t wait to get them!


What do you have planned for Fall Decor? I know for a fact that for Christmas, I’m going all out!



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  1. Love love love! But I think we already decided that you and I have similar design styles. I like the melted candles in the glass jars on the table. So romantic but casual at the same time {hope that makes sense}.

    I thought I was the only one who shopped at dollar stores and such for home decor. The stuff is really cute and if mixed in with pricier items, it’s hard to tell which is which. And if something doesn’t work as expected, I’m not out a lot of money.

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