Your Dreams Chose You. You Didn’t Choose Your Dreams!

One of my dreams came true this week. To be published by a reputable and major publisher. I will be posting more details on it soon but pretty much, I am now a contributing writer/ blogger for The Huffington Post. You may read my first article/ blog post here:” You Make Motherhood Look So Easy!”

In the article, also previously published on this blog, I encouraged women to go after their dreams despite the struggles one may face throughout motherhood. Go ahead and read it, share it, and share it again!

Dream big. Set goals. Take action.

Stop wasting your life and go after those dreams.

The video above relates to this topic. Dreams, dreams, and dreams…

Your dreams chose you. You didn’t choose your dreams! – Prince Ea

Watch the video multiple times and listen to the words attentively. If that doesn’t inspire you to go after your dreams, I don’t know what will!





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