Enrich Your Space With Flowers

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on flowers. But no one says you have to be one or that you should break the bank to have some pretty flowers around the house.

I bought these at my local martketplace and was instructed on how to properly care for them. I’ll try to change them up a bit every two weeks or so.

wp-1472684383511.jpgMany people have misconceptions about flowers such as:

  1. Flowers are girly.
  2. You shouldn’t buy yourself flowers.
  3. Flowers are expensive.
  4. Flowers are only for special occasions

But I’m learning that floral centerpieces  can brighten up any room  and bring some color,  as well as add a cozy touch. Simple flowers can inrich your space.

I added some in my family living room on the coffee table.

The second vase is in my kitchen on the breakfast bar.

Cost without vase:$7

I usually buy artificial flowers because  I always forget to take care of my flowers, like many other busy working moms, but there is something about having real flowers that beautifies everything around. Plus, I really need to learn how to care for my flowers and plants. I won’t give up!

Such an inexpensive but beautiful purchase for  any home .



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