Front Porch Summer Decor

I’ve always dreamed of having a beautifully decorated front porch. I imagined myself changing the decor per the season of the year. But when you live in the desert like Arizona, it’s not really practical.

Many of us Arizonans still take the chance and decorate for summer.  My hardest challenge is keeping my plants fresh  and breathing during those hot summer months. I buy new plants about every 6 months because mines never make it through the summer.  My husband tells me I’m wasting money, but what can I say? I love plants!

One thing I have learned about front porch decor is to never buy items right at the beginning of the season. To get a good deal, it’s best to wait mid season when the stores are loading for the next season. This is when you are bound to get a great deal.

This door wreath I got from Michael’s  was originally priced at $40 but with the 80% discount, I paid $11 and some change. This will last me years because of its quality.

The welcome sign was 40% off with my coupon so I got it for about $10 also at Michael’s.

I also bought new pillows that were 40% off and paid about $20 for both at Lowe’s.

In conclusion,  you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a decent, welcoming front porch. I spent less than a $100. You just have to be patient and wait for those deals! Don’t be afraid to shop around at different stores either. You may not find everything you want in one store so it’s best to shop around.

Let’s see how long my new plants will last this time around.

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