JJ’s First Birthday

I look back on the first year and think about how fast it went. I look back on the day I gave birth to him and how scary it was, with my husband waiting outside of the O.R. for 30 minutes while I was having an emergency c-section– not knowing if baby and I were okay.  I think back on the moment I looked into his eyes for the very first time.

Oh, precious moments!

Since I work from home, we made the decision that he would stay home with me that first year. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. Jacen is very active and energized and mostly keeps me on my feet. It was a sacrifice we made for the long-term benefit of our family. But we did it. So since day 1, he’s been glued to my hip.

And now he’s a toddler. What a joy it is to see him happy and healthy.

When I first moved to Arizona and then had our first son, I still didn’t know a lot of people so the birthday parties were pretty much just family. Now after 4 years of living in AZ and moving to a great community, I can say that I’ve met more people and some that I can even call friends now. So I wanted to have a nice party to celebrate Jacen’s 1st Birthday, and we are glad it was a success.


We chose a Mickey Mouse theme!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was a great birthday party and we finally had a chance to entertain a big crowd in our patio.

My dad, hubby and brother-in-law ended the evening by relaxing and talking around the fireplace.



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