Oneness Embraced

Oneness Embraced: Through the Eyes of Tony Evansoneness

I have listened to many of Tony Evans’s sermons in the past and he has always delivered a great Word. When I saw that he’d written this book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It may have taken me a while to finish it, but it was an intriguing read.
In a world where we continue to be divided: i.e.: blacks vs. whites. Cops vs thugs, I believe this book can bring a new and fresher perspective of things—biblically.
The book is founded and built upon theology. It is clear that Evans, the author, has somehow obtained an education in theology at one point in his life. It is not overwhelming, but it is very easy to understand. Sort of like having a conversation with him.
I also like the personal touch discussed– his personal journey and what he experienced. The book will leave you reflecting and pondering about the world we live in.
I received this copy from the seller in exchange for an honest review.



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