Your Dreams Will Not Be Handed To You

There are two kinds of dreamers in life:

Those who dream big, but sit on their dreams. They dream about their dreams. They are daily planning and mapping out their dreams, but that’s it.
They just dream.
That’s as far as they ever get.

Then you have those who dream big and act. Not only do they write down their dreams and plans, but they are daily chasing after their dreams. They’re out there making connections, taking classes, learning, working, and doing whatever it is that they must do to achieve.
They’re on it. Daily.

Your dreams will not be handed to you.

Which dreamer are you?

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Love Unexpected

Love unexpected.  That’s how it should be. Stop chasing after love and let it come to you naturally. Love has a funny way of finding us if we just stop looking for a moment. Focus on yourself while in waiting.  Finish school, establish your career, travel the world…. Do as you wish, and love will come find you at the right and perfect timing. Happy New Year!

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Create Opportunities For Yourself.

Life is not about waiting on opportunities that may come around someday. It’s about the opportunities that you create. Maybe creating an opportunity for someone else may result in a bigger opportunity for yourself. Stop looking at things for what they are now, and look at things for what they could be tomorrow.

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Some friends aren’t good at handling the success of others.

Accept this: some people just move on. Most of my “friends” are no longer a part of my life since I got married and moved away almost two years ago.  To add to the list, I now have a newborn! Sometimes it’s hard to accept our new circumstances. I ask myself if I’ve done something wrong or is it because I moved to a different state, but I realized that I’ve done everything right. I’m at a good place in life and I thank God for it.  Some friends aren’t good at handling the success of others, so they walk […]

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The Big Apple Trip I Never Wrote About

So,  I never had the chance to blog about my experience in NYC last year. I’ve always been fascinated with the city life since I was born in Paris and grew up there for some time, so I’ve always wanted to visit NYC. I never really had the chance before until last year. It was my graduation from grad school and my birthday weekend all at once. I told my husband that all I wanted was to go to New York city for that weekend since we would be in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA, two hours from NYC ( I got my CW […]

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Beauty in Small Things

It’s easy to take little things for granted and to forget to see beauty in small things, such as flowers or tress. Take the time to look around you every now and then to appreciate what’s around you. Phoenix is a beautiful city, and I’m so happy that the weather is finally cooling off. Fall, here we come!

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What do you write about in your journal?

Today is such a beautiful day here in the valley. I took my kindle and my journal for a trip in my backyard. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t go a day without writing in my journal. Oh, how times have changed. I’m challenging myself to write in my journal daily. I’m referring to a real journal–not a word document. There is something about handwriting in a journal verses typing on a computer. It’s more personal in my opinion. What do you write about in your journal? For me, I write about whatever comes to mind. […]

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What happens when writing isn’t fun anymore?

For some time now, I have been feeling like writing fiction is a chore instead of my escape.  I used to be able to just sit for hours and enjoy writing. I used to look forward to writing fictional stories. Have I gotten lazy? Somewhere between finishing my Master’s in Creative Writing and trying to get published, I lost the bliss. I lost the desire to write fiction. Sure, I’ve had a lot going on the past few years and months (moving to a different state, getting married, grad school, new baby etc), but I don’t think it has anything […]

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