What’s Your Thing?

So… I somehow happen to be stuck in the car for one hour right now (long story), so that gives me time to post something while hubz is driving.


This morning,  I took some time and went dancing. Dance is another passion of mine apart from books and writing.  I think it’s good to step away from writing and get involved in an activity that is completely different.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are staring at your computer screen all day. Do some yoga, pilates, or go run. Something.  Do something for yourself that will help you relax. Your body needs it. For me, that thing is dance.

What’s your thing?

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How I Found My Literary Agent

So it has indeed been a journey. If you read my post untitled, “My Story to Getting Published”, then this is part two of it. I promised to keep you all updated, so here it is. As most of you know, writing is a very competitive field. Finding a literary agent to manage your writing career, and one who actually believes in you is just as difficult as people say. In my post about the publishing industry, I talked about the process and the different options writers have nowadays (there are many). It all depends on where you see yourself […]

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Trip To Montreal, Canada! (Thoughts On Life/Grad School)

First off, I want to thank my new subscribers! Thanks for joining my ‘online world’ and I hope my posts will serve you well. It has been about a week or so since I posted anything, but I am back. Back in Texas too, actually. I was in Canada and then Pennsylvania. All went well, and I am loving my new school WILKES, and my cohort. I met a lot of people who share the same passion as me and it was a great feeling. I still can’t believe that I decided to go to grad school right away. Lol. […]

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Sweetest Memory Engraved

It is the sweetest memory engraved in your heart. The one that won’t allow you to forget. What you know you should forget. Causing you to only remember the sweet adventure. For love has caused you to forget, The pain that was once heavy. The same one that stole your joy. And made you less of who you truly were.   It can’t get away from you. It may have escaped your mouth. But it never escaped your thoughts. Or your heart… For it is forever engraved in your heart. Related Articles Engraved in My Heart? Or Not? (weddingbee.com)

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