Our Trip To Disneyland and Orange County

My husband had a work conference in Anaheim and since it is not too far, we thought it would be nice if we all went. Since his conference would only be two days (Wed and Thursday), we would have Tuesday and Friday to enjoy California! Well, the main reason why I wanted all of us to go is mainly because it was the final week of the semester, which is usually hectic for me. And since I knew I wouldn’t have anyone to help me with the kids, there was no way I would make it out that week without losing my mind if hubby was not around.  I knew at least that if we were all with him (Arizona or Cali), I could always escape to work after his conference.

Anyway, so on Tuesday morning we headed out to the airport, late and all on a rainy day. And of course we missed our flight, but it’s okay because we got on the next flight.

Once in Orange County, we had lost so much time because we originally planned on going to Disneyland all day. We decided to go still–even if for 4, 5 hours.  Going to Disneyland on a Tuesday is much cheaper than Friday, Sat, and Sunday, by the way.  Our kids got in free because they are still under 3. Yay!

What most people do is that they get a hotel within walking distance. We happened to be within walking distance of Disney because of my husband’s work conference was at the Hilton, and I’m glad it happened that way!

Anyway, so most people stay in that area so that they can go to Disneyland in the morning as soon as the doors are open, take a break between noon and 3pm, and then go back all the way until the parade. 

So anyway, the entire time on our way to Orange County, we prepared our oldest and told him he was going to see Mickey Mouse. We assumed that by the time he actually saw him, he would be scared, like most kids. But we were wrong!

He was excited, surprised, and really happy to be at Disneyland!

We had a great time, but that first day got really really chilly in the evening. And of course, that night I was too tired to work so we all called it a night!

The next day my husband went off to the 2nd floor of the hotel for his work conference, and I was with the kids, ready for more adventure so we went to Disneyland Downtown. By the way, Disneyland Downtown is sort of a shopping center with stores, restaurants, and entertainment, and it is COMPLETELY FREE! You get there through the main entrance of Disneyland.

That evening, we had a nice dinner and I had a nice glass of margarita. Wrong move. I was  now ready for bed after that drink. BUT… I had no choice. I had to work.  I am not much of a drinker. The last drink I had was at least last year in August. I know this because that is also the day I had my first hangover. I had one drink on an empty stomach. I know…rookie mistake! So, anyway …I had a dilemma. I needed my espresso in order to stay awake but the closest Starbucks had already closed for the night. I decided to go downstairs to the bar, and I was glad I did so because the bartender also had an espresso machine and hooked me up with a triple shot latte.

The next day was very similar so I will not bore you with the same details, but on Friday, oh boy Friday! It was beautiful. I was done with work and had submitted all grades, so I was ready for some beach time before heading back to Phoenix.  We were all ready for the beach! Given that it was our first time in Orange County, we wanted to check out only one of the best beaches there. So, we decided on Laguna Beach! The drive there was about 30 minutes from the hotel, and we got to realize that Orange County seems more livable than L.A.

The beach was peaceful, beautiful, and simply serene. I don’t have much more to say so I will simply let you all enjoy the pictures!

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Enjoy the Season You’re In

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End Of the Year Stress 

Why is it that the end of the year always comes  with its own problems? This is a stressful and drepressing time of the year for many,  and it has sadly personally affected me as well.  I’ve heard many bad news from loved ones this month: car accidents, hospitalization, sickness, death, incarceration…you name it! How can you stay happy when everything else around you seems to fall apart? How can you not be angry or frustrated when you feel like you should be? Let it go. When you let go, God has a way of stepping in and doing it […]

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