Solly Baby Wrap Review

So today as I was busy in the kitchen, I was finally able to wear my Solly Baby Wrap and I am happy with the results.

First, I watched the video below:

Then I did a few tries without the baby first. The first time I placed baby in, he was way up too high, so be sure that he’s not too high or too low. Just in the right position where you can place a kiss on his forehead if you looked down.


Overall, it is very comfortable and I did not feel like my muscles were in pain or anything like what some other wraps/carriers cause.

I would recommend it. I love it and baby loves it too!  I even bought one for my best friend. So excited to use this wrap! It was worth it. The Hubz even says he might try it on. Haha! We’ll see about that.

Like I said in a previous post, the cost was $55 vs $65 when I ordered it online because I used a discount code posted on the owner’ s IG page (Elle Rowley) @SollyBabyWrap. Mamas, there is a great community of mothers on IG, so get connected!

Anyway, I look forward to more products from Solly Baby.




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