Sweetest Memory Engraved

It is the sweetest memory engraved in your heart.

The one that won’t allow you to forget.

What you know you should forget.

Causing you to only remember the sweet adventure.

For love has caused you to forget,

The pain that was once heavy.

The same one that stole your joy.

And made you less of who you truly were.  

It can’t get away from you.

It may have escaped your mouth.

But it never escaped your thoughts.

Or your heart…

For it is forever engraved in your heart.

One thought on “Sweetest Memory Engraved

  1. Beautiful and real. A very personal truth. It spoke so perfectly of a soul journey I took once upon a time. Thank you for giving voice to a passing thought. Your words made me so appreciative of growth and healing. Blessings, sis.


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