Giving up is easy. It doesn’t require any effort.

Things fall apart.  Plans change. People disappoint.  People hurt you. In my case,  employers decide not to hire you. All of these things can result in the easy way out: giving up.


Giving up is easy.  It doesn’t require any effort.  All it takes is for you to not do anything about your situation. Just cross your arms and turn your back on the world. But does it get you anywhere?

I have personally been dealing with the thought of giving up on my dreams/goals. I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am, but my career seems to be stuck or moving in slow motion. I started questioning my abilities and whether my dreams are just that.  Dreams.

But I must remind myself to use best thinking in any set of circumstances and not only when it is convenient or when I feel like it.

Find the good in the bad.  If you’re trying to accomplish something,  but keep running into obstacles, keep thriving. It is very difficult for me to stay positive when I don’t seem to think that there is anything to be positive about when it comes to where my career is at this point. But I know that being negative won’t take me where I need to be. God placed those dreams in my heart for a reason.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

-Henry Ford

3 thoughts on “Giving up is easy. It doesn’t require any effort.

  1. I struggle with the same thing with regards to career. I give up completely for about 24 hours once or twice a year in a dreadful belief that my dreams are DEAD. Afterwards I wake up and start writing again. I know I’ll never truly give up, but there must be value for me in once in a while throwing my hands up and shouting that I’m done.

    The best tools I’ve found for keeping positive (in addition to my yearly day of giving up all hope) is to talk about the struggle as you’re doing here, particularly with others who will completely understand, lean on friends, and then find goodness in the small triumphs. Also: LIST MAKING.

    Count me as one of your cheerleaders! You’re working hard at your goals while caring for the cutest flipping baby EVER and nurturing your relationship with your husband AND also working as a teacher. You’re rocking this whole good life gig even if you haven’t yet achieved your biggest career goals. You’ll get there! And while I know that how one looks is the least important thing in life, you’re also getting there looking beautiful and stylish! xoxoxo


    1. Angelina A.K.A Stitchy1, I’m so glad that you can relate somehow. And yes, I’m right with you about the yearly day of giving up. What matters is that we do not give up entirely. Thank you for being my cheerleader! You are always so supportive. I’m glad we connected and I appreciate your kind words.


  2. Oh, that comment was from ME, Angelina. WordPress won’t let me use my real name as username so I’m Stitchy1 forever and ever.


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