Our Trip to San Diego!

Once a year, my husband and I go to San Diego. This year was the first time we went with an additional person, our son. I must say that it was even more fun.

We stayed at the Crown Plaza in Mission Valley. The hotel itself was beautiful, with a Hawaiian style theme. Our room had a balcony with a nice view!



We started off with spending an afternoon at LaJolla Cove Beach.






Bébéchou was scared of getting inside the water. It got better on the second day.

Then we walked  around LaJolla,  and had dinned at Karl Strauss, and it was simply delicieux.


On July 4th, we had breakfast at The Mission Cafe.



…and proceeded to spend the afternoon at Coronado Beach in Coronado. We tried going to the Mission Bay area, but it was impossible to get through anywhere. I can’t believe parking spots costed $100!


wpid-img_20150704_220159.jpg wpid-img_20150704_181716.jpg wpid-img_20150704_175307.jpg



On Sunday, we went back to the Mission for Breakfast, but it was too crowded, so we ordered take out and headed back to the Valley of the Sun. 

wpid-img_20150705_110842.jpg wpid-img_20150705_101950.jpg wpid-img_20150704_115309.jpg

3 thoughts on “Our Trip to San Diego!

  1. The Mission has yummy food – did you end up eating there? Yes, the beaches were crazy insane this weekend. As a local, I didn’t even bother trying, but you lucked out with going to Coronado – it is one of the nicest beaches in the county!


    1. Yes, we did eat at The Mission on Saturday, but not on Sunday as it was too crowded. The wait time was more than an hour! As far as the beaches, we did get pretty lucky. We expected Coronado to be the same as the Mission Bay area, but it was less crowded.

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