Don’t Let Your Dreams Cloud Reality

Hello world! I hope you haven’t forgotten all about me. The last time I blogged was about four months ago. Shame on me. Yes, you can say it. It’s okay. I should feel bad. I kept telling The Hubz, “I need to blog. What should I blog about?” But I never actually took the time to do it. Okay enough about my excuses.

We’ve all had that “Dream” that we could barely go a day without thinking about. Or that thing we want so badly that we are working hard daily to “have it.” Well, for me it is my “Dream Home.”

Since last year, I started to tell my husband nonstop about a certain “dream” home that I’ve seen  or how badly I want out of our current home. We even started making plans to move next year.  I wanted a new home so bad that I could taste it. Nothing was going to stop this from happening. We are both working full-time so it HAD to happen. As we started to do more research and prep, the more time I invested in my home search.

I was so deep in that I couldn’t face reality–the truth. If we were going to buy a home now, it would mean more compromise. But I didn’t want to compromise. I wanted everything on my list. But was it the best timing? No. We could have easily continued with the home search, but then I finally decided to face the facts. If we moved next year, I would still need to compromise several things on my “wish list” because the market is at a peak–which would mean that I’d possibly want to move again–years down the road. As hard as it was for me to accept, it simply was not the right time.

Instead, I’ve refocused my energy on redecorating and renovating parts of our house.


Redecorated the Entryway

I am learning to make my current home feel like a real home until I get to the dream home. It may not be for several years, but I’m content anyhow. It is so easy to look past what we have for what we wish to have. It is so easy to take what we have for granted.


And I’m even gardening!


So my friends, yes, you must work hard to make your dreams come true. But don’t let your dreams cloud reality. If you’re in a similar situation, I suggest you learn to love where you are and make it as cozy and inviting as possible.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Dreams Cloud Reality

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes when our focus is so linear, we forget/aren’t open enough to see alternate pathways to get to that dream. And we often disregard & forget to appreciate the beautiful moments in-between. Love the last photo with the little guy in red!

    May all your dreams come true. Jessie

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