Yarn Twists for Winter! (Hair Talk)

I have been braiding and styling my own hair for about five years now from two strand twists, yarn braids, to box braids. But two protective styling (braids) that I could not get down are twists (yarn twists, Senegalese twists, Marley twists), and cornrows.

But I can finally cross one off from my list.


I spent the last two days braiding. For the longest time now, I wanted to try Yarn Twists or Senegalese Twists but for the life of me, I couldn’t get that twisting method down.Time after time. After watching several videos and even making The Hubz watch it with me so maybe he could tell me what I was missing (lol), I finally got it!

Everyone has their own method, but one particular lady explained it so well. So simple.  Twist down and hold the other strands with other finger, and switch as you would with two strand twists—repeat. Thanks to this beautiful lady on YouTube!

Now my hair will be nicely protected all winter. I just wanted something different from the usual yarn braids and box braids!

It took me two (2) days total on and off with work and my family, and I used 8 strands for each!

What do you think?

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