Neutral Colors Nursery & Decor Inspiration

The nursery is all clean and ready for baby #2. Not that we used it much for the first baby, but I have high hopes for this one! I’m glad I went with neutral colors the first time around!

Walking into this room is so peaceful and simply serene.

The furniture was all purchased from in 2013! So far, these have lasted but I had a changing table that unfortunately fell apart. So we placed the changing table pad/mattress on top of the dresser.

This wall decor was inspired by Pinterest! I highly recommend Pinterest to get ideas. Most of these items were from random stores such as HobbyLobby, Ross Dress for Less, and even the Dollar Tree Store!

As you notice, there is no photos of a crib! We haven’t bought one yet! And plus, the baby will be sleeping in a bassinet or mini crib in our room for the first couple of months because I will be breastfeeding and walking across the hall at night is not so appealing to me!

We are those parents who are just not ready to let go. Have I mentioned that we already have a crib and a toddler in our bedroom? Can you say roommates?! haha! We are planning on transitioning our toddler to his bedroom when he turns two this July!

Anyway, this is it for now!

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