White Kitchen Remodel (Without Removing the Doors)


This is what our kitchen looked like before:


Want to paint my cabinets to white.

It all started last year in August. I told my husband I wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets white and he looked at me like I was crazy. Once I showed him pictures of beautiful kitchens that were transformed into white kitchens, he was on board. We looked at several before and after photos and read many blogs on how to successfully paint kitchen cabinets white. Some were very lengthy and others were just what we wanted.

After all the research, we decided that we were not going to remove the doors. Most blogs highly request removing the doors and sanding. Those are two steps we skipped, and I will explain why.

So we started in November 2015.  We chose to go with Behr Polar White for the cabinets and Behr Linen White for the walls ( we also painted the kitchen walls and living room.)

We did not remove the doors because the hinges on our cabinets are another level of complicated. I was a firm believer in removing the doors, but my husband believed that we could successfully do it without. So I read a blog post about how to paint the cabinets without removing the doors.

Next, we did not sand because we used a primer that did not require sanding. We used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3. Everything was purchased at Home Depot. We used rollers as well as the small brushes.

Now let me make it clear that this process started in November. We started with the cabinets under the kitchen sink to see how it looked first.


Then life got in the way  and it was holiday season, so our DIY project was placed on hold. After several months, we finally decided to finish everything before baby arrives. We resumed in March. By this time, I was 9 months pregnant, so I mostly primed, and my husband painted everything. Of course, not removing the doors makes it more difficult and lengthy.

We primed all the cabinets. Next day, we did coat one of one side, and then the day after my husband did the second coating on the rest.

Like I said, I would not recommend this method, but we wanted a shortcut. This is the Cheater’s Guide, and it worked for us! In the end, the cabinets that have been primed and painted (at least 2 coatings) look really great up-close. As pretty as the kitchen looks, the bottom cabinets still need to be painted at least two times.

Now I just look forward to when all of them will be completely finished!


So now, what’s left on the list is to replace the stove and dishwasher and replace them with Stainless Steel appliances.

I’d also like to update my counter-tops to a light color granite or quartz and have some sort of beautiful backsplash.

So there you have it! Enjoy!



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