The Birth Story of Baby #2: Another Emergency C-Section


Birth Story of J.J.: Baby #2

On that Wednesday, my family and I did some walking in a local mall where I kept getting non ending pressure in the pelvic area. I started to lose more and more of my mucus plug and could hardly walk. Three days prior, my Dr. did give me a stretch but I was barely a 1 and 50% effaced, so I didn’t think it would work–neither did she.

So that night around 2am, my Braxton hicks contractions started to feel a bit more intense little by little. I was 38 weeks and 4 days. The hubz was scheduled to get up at 4am for work, and I had a feeling labor was near so when my contractions started to get stronger, he decided not to go just to be safe.

They say all types of things: don’t go to the hospital unless your contractions are a minute or less long and 4 minutes or less apart. Or they say to labor as much as you can at home etc. See, with my first, my water broke, so that was an easy call. But with my second, we were unsure. My contractions were coming every 8-15 minutes but they were definitely getting stronger after each one. We waited at home and labored until 4am. Then I got worried. I heard many terrifying stories about labor moving so quickly suddenly with second pregnancies.  I didn’t want to risk it.

So we ended up going to the hospital at 4am. When we arrived, they checked me and sure enough, I was 3/4 dilated. 🙂 I was definitely in early labor.  I got admitted…

This time I promised to myself that I would not opt in for pitocin NO MATTER WHAT. With my first, it ended up in an emergency  c-section, which I was trying to avoid.  The plan was a VBAC.

Fast forward hours later,  I labored on my own all the way to a ten. My husband and I did a lot of walking around the hospital and once I reached a 6, and could no longer handle the painful contractions, I got an epidural.

Here’s where things went wrong. The resident on call and doctor on call seemed to be in a rush. They didn’t want me pushing for a long time, although I believed that I could. Apparently, the baby was not low enough to where I could push easily and not get too exhausted.  I remember asking the resident doctor what were the chances of me pushing successfully given where the baby was positioned at the time, and he replied, “It’s very unlikely. ”

Well…. thanks for your encouragement, doc!

Then they proceeded with their offer to give me pitocin to help baby move lower. I hesitated and deep down, my soul said NO!!! I had managed to get this far without evil pit. But these doctors are always so convincing.  They promised it would be a low dose and that they would stop immediately if baby didn’t tolerate it.

They gave me pit. One hour later, there was no progress. Then finally, they decided that I should just go ahead and push.  Finally. So I started pushing,  and the baby started dropping. I was doing a hell of a job pushing.  They were all surprised.

“We can see his hair. Wow. Lots of it.” A nurse mentioned.

“Wow. You’re doing fantastic! Looks like baby is coming,” Resident doc said.

I kept on pushing.

Things were going well. By now everything in the room was prepped for delivery. Nurses, residents and nurses all present.

Then suddenly, I had to stop pushing and change positions from left to right. Something was wrong. But they wouldn’t say what. Then all of a sudden, on the monitor, we saw the baby’s heart-rate drop from 110 to the 40s.

Everything after that was such a blur.

My husband and I stared at each other blankly.  Things happened so fast. Doctors and nurses and people, prepping me, moving me, and rolling me over.

Not again.  I thought.  Damn pitocin. 

So they rolled me over to the OR to have an emergency C-section.  I was so afraid. But then I felt a sudden kick in my lower ab. As if, little baby JJ was letting me know he was okay. And I felt peace. Because I believed that he was okay.

In the OR, I was so drugged up that I don’t remember when JJ came out wailing into the world. I don’t remember kissing him when they placed him in front of me. All I can seem to remember is the conversation the nurses and doctors were having about whether they should give me staples or glue.

I prayed it was glue, like my first C-section.  I also remember asking a resident, whose job was apparently to just stay next to me, if they shaved me. Lol. We had a good laugh about that later on.  Anyway, thankfully everything went well. Baby came out 8lbs and 13oz.  Healthy baby boy and healthy mama.

I was told he was born at 11pm on March 31st and my first thought was, Thank God–not on April Fool’s Day. So close.


Although things did not go as planned, once again, I am grateful for a healthy baby and no life threatening conditions during surgery.  We were released from the hospital 72 hours later and we are both doing well.

My observations from having 2 emergency c-sections are that

1). pitocin is really hard on the baby and causes fetal distress.

2). Docs try to cover their butts to avoid getting sued. Thus the result of so many emergency c-sections.

3). We are on their schedule. Anything that takes too long will be expedited with the help of meds such as pit.

4). The Labor and Delivery Hospital system in the U.S. is a bit screwed up.

I understand why many women choose to have a midwife instead and have home births.

Always do your research and be ready for anything. Most importantly,  pray for your baby and for yourself before and during labor and all throughout pregnancy.

2 thoughts on “The Birth Story of Baby #2: Another Emergency C-Section

  1. Congratulations on your new little person.

    I’m so sorry you had such a scary experience. Both times. I had pit with the twins and would never recommend it. I think it made everything so much harder and much more painful.


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