Tips On Cleaning a Large House

Okay, if your house  is considered large–by large, I mean 2000 sq ft or more, bless your heart. I’m  with you. I know how difficult it is to clean such a massive house.

When we originally decided to move from our 2000 sq ft house ,  I didn’t  necessarily want a huge house, but I wanted something more updated with an open floor plan in my preferred school district. My husband on the other hand,  was like… either we go big or not at all. Lol. Overall, I’d like to think I am a pretty clean and organized person, but I was already having a hard time keeping up with our previous home when kids came in the picture, in terms of cleaning.

20180612_101426Now here I am with a 3600 sq ft house! It is beautiful, but the cleaning, oh boy…the cleaning !

I would love nothing more than to have a housekeeper to help me keep up but it is not an option right now. So I’m sharing my tips on how  I’ve been able to keep up so far and hopefully this helps someone else:

1. Use Only Necessary Space

My first and most  important tip is to try to minimize using all the space/rooms in your home . Don’t  use all the bathrooms if you don’t have to. We have 4 but mainly use 2 of them—less cleaning for me. If you have two living  rooms, spend most of the time in one and keep the other one neat so you don’t have to clean it all the time.


2. Let the Kids Help

Now that my toddler is old enough to pick up after himself. After he is done playing, I normally have him pick up all his toys every night before our bedtime routine.  Picking up after your kids can be a hassle so try to include them in this process.  The sooner they learn how to pick up after themselves, the better off you are.

3. Mop As You Go

Mop at least once a week but aim to mop the most used areas as you go. For example ,  the kitchen and breakfast area usually get pretty dirty quickly, so I try to mop those areas more often . I currently do not like the mop I’m using and am looking for something less time consuming. If you have children, I know how difficult it is to keep the floors clean. The best time for me to mop is after I put them to bed.

4. Clean In Sections

Do not try to clean the entire house in one day. You will get yourself  exhausted .  Have a focus area . For example: Saturdays I usually clean the bathrooms. And Sundays I will dust off and clean the bedrooms or vice versa . As far as the kitchen, dishes, and living room go, I TRY to keep them clean daily so that I don’t  have a pile of things to clean all at once. Same goes with the cabinets and appliances . I clean as I go.

I do a deep cleaning once a month.

As far as laundry goes, it is my least favorite chore. I don’t mind the washing part (I hate it honestly) but folding……even worse. How do you stay organized with laundry?

This is just a brief overview  of what I currently do to keep up , but I’m  still figuring things out.  I have also become keen to this DIY cleaning product I got from Pinterest: baking soda, white vinegar, dawn soap, and lemon juice : voilà- the perfect cleaning product . It works on my oven, stainless steel appliances, floors, you name it!

If you have a unique  technique of cleaning your massive house ,  drop a comment.

2 thoughts on “Tips On Cleaning a Large House

  1. My home is about 2100 sq ft and it isn’t so bad with cleaning because I have older ones who are responsible for cleaning. Especially since they’re old enough to take on more chores around the house.

    And I’m still trying to figure the whole laundry thing out. I remember reading Mimi’s tips over at Unlikely Martha about washing certain items on certain days. I think I’ll try that out and see how it goes.


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