My End Of the Year Reflections

It seems like at the end of every year, people say, “man, this year went by so fast!” Next thing you know we’re setting new goals for the new year that may or may not get accomplished.

2016 was wonderful and challenging  at the same time for me.

I had some scary things happen:

Like that moment I was in labor, pushing the baby’s head out when all of a sudden, dozens of medical staff stormed in and next thing I knew  I was being rushed to an OR for an emergency  c-section  because my baby’s heart-rate was nowhere to be found.

Or that scary phone call I received from my mother one evening, shaken up and weepeing because my father was being taken to the ER by paramedics after he stopped responding and talking, as we later came to find out that he was having a stroke.

Or that evening we were driving to  the nearest Urgent Care because our infant had a high fever; I was seating in the passenger’s seat, as my husband drove and our two kids  in the back, when I literally saw my whole life flashing in front of me when a car nearly struck us  but missed by a mere second when my husband managed to swerve- what could have been a deadly accident, God shielded us from it.

Those were some scary stuff. I nearly lost my mind.  But through  it all, God held my hand and protected me and my family, and for that I am grateful.
At the beginning  of this year,  I was dealing a lot with loneliness. Living in a state where I don’t have my siblings,  parents, or closest friends. Since I spend most days at home while hubby is at work, there was no one who I could just pick up the phone and say, “Hey, wanna go have coffee?” Or, “hey, wanna go check out so and so event with me?” All my friends  are thousands of miles away. And as some of you may know, being home with the kids all day can get lonely sometimes.

But slowly and surely, I started meeting people and making acquaintances who I hope will turn into genuine long lasting friendships.

So, I’m also thinking of the good things:

A career that allows me to stay home with the kids on most days, although I do my share of complaining at times. I am grateful.

A dream home that we bought in the neighborhood  we once dreamed of living in.

Provision over my family.

So many great things that are only materialistic, so what I am mostly grateful for this year  is that I have a wonderful husband who daily puts his family first and loves me for who I am, I have beautiful children who mean the world to me, I have supportive  parents who I love so very much, and for God’s abundance grace and His love that continues to overwhelm me.

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