I’m in My 30s. What Now?

I finally hit my 30s in JUNE

For the longest, I heard that the “30s are the best years!” And so on, so here we go!  Hubby took me to Vegas and we had a blast just the two of us  (will write another blog post).

It took a while to settle in, so I took my time writing this blog post. But after hearing my 4-year-old tell everyone and anyone, “My mom is thirty!” I think it finally sunk in.  Haha


 I would like to believe I have done quite well for myself. As a reminder of how grateful I am to be here and to remind myself that 30 is just a number, I’m going to try and list 30 things I am proud of or grateful for. Some are siilly. Some are funny. Some are serious. Read on!

1. I am blessed to be married to my best friend and love of my life.

2. I am a mother of three. Before you ask, yes, I’m done! I finished having kids before 30 now I am freeeee. Ha!

3. I am healthy. No illness. No disease. No high blood pressure.

4. Both of my parents are still ALIVE!

5.  I am educated.  B.A. and Master’s!

6. I’m a college professor.

7. I live in my dream house.

8. I have an awesome, spacious Mom Car. Go Durango!

9. I am a published author! Author of Chasing Freedom (get it on Amazon).

10. I am still doin’ this blog thing after eight years! Wow!  Many breaks and interruptions, but I’m still here!

11. This is getting tough…hum..oh yes, I have amazing friends here in AZ, something I cried about and prayed for for years!  #MomTribe

12. I have an amazing bestie, since high school. Hi Ayo!

13. My brother and I are close again!

14. Geez…what else. Hum, okay, financially God has been providing and we are not lacking.

15. My 401k looks pretty good so far.

16.   Hubby and I have a rental property. THE first of many.

17. I am getting over the spirit of fear.

18. I am still reading BOOKS!

19. My children are bilingual. French and English.

20. I am making the effort to learn spanish fluently.

21. I forgive easily. No grudges.

22. I somehow manage to work, clean, cook, and take care of my family.

23. Hummm….. I have been exploring more. Adventures with my family.  Seeing the world.

24. I lost 9lbs the past month. I exercise frequently and eat healthy!

25. I have never been arrested.

26. My faith is still important to me so Christ is at the center!

27. I try to read to my kids daily.

28. I am quite a CHEF!

29.  I have visited more coffee shops than I can remember. Lol

30.  Last but not least,  I have never done drugs or gotten drunk! Such a goodie goodie. 🙂


Here is a video of how I celebrated with my friends! Birthday fun



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