Summer Trip to Montreal

Our trip to Montreal was filled with adventures. I also Vlogged it here on my YouTube channel: Summer 2018 Montreal

Last week I blogged on how we made it work traveling with three little ones, so this week I just want to share a few pictures and details from the trip.

So, the main reason we went there was for my Nephew’s wedding!

We decided to make it a family trip and bring the entire family.

We spent about a week there, where we stayed at my brother-in-law’s home in Montreal (Pierrefond).

Montreal is very accessible without a car but we rented a car because it was much easier to get around with three kids. I surprisingly did a lot of driving and did not find it too intimidating driving there at all. I even drove all the way to St.Hyolite, which is about an hour from Pierrefond.


There, I got to see my nephew and niece, who I hadn’t seen in seven years!

The first few days, I didn’t go out that much because hubby didn’t join us until a few days later. The day I went to pick up hubby from the airport, I finally drove around Montreal and headed to Little Italy for a nice cup of espresso at Cafe Olympico.


A few days later we checked out a few other touristy spots such as Parc fontaine..

We ate poutine at la Banquaise…

I hiked Mont Royal with some family/friends…


And the day before we left, we all went to Le Vieux-Port.


We had such a good time with family. The great thing is that my hubby was able to see his brother and his family and I was able to see my nephews and niece!

The memories we make with our family is everything.


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