Meet the Writer!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


My name is Deborah and I love to write, capture moments, travel, drink coffee, and read books! I am a wife and mother of 3.

I created this blog simply because I love to write. I hope that you will enjoy reading about my writing and motherhood journey, adventures, travels, and all things home related. I recently had to start over from scratch but took it as an opportunity to start fresh. I appreciate the encouragement and support I have received from you all. You guys have all been instrumental and pushing me to keep writing or blogging.


A little bit more about me…

I was born in Paris, France and moved to the U.S. in the late 90’s. My parents are originally from D.R. Congo. I lived in Dallas, Texas most of my life and moved to Arizona when I got married in 2013.

I started writing seriously when I was in college, but I always knew that I was a writer, since I was a little girl. I have always been a lover of words and nothing excites me more than escaping with a good novel.  Currently, I am a writing instructor by day and writer by night. I love to dwell in coffee shops to read, write, and people watch.  The dream would be to finally get paid to write full-time someday!

I have a side hobby on YouTube. There I am known as Desert Dweller Debz, where I post videos about all things Arizona + Adventure.