I am Writing An Entire Novel in One Month.

It has been a very long time since I got excited about writing fiction. For a while it became like such a chore and just the thought of it made me anxious. I have had no desire  to write for more than a year now.

Then I started playing with the idea of doing National Novel Writing Month.

Am I crazy?

I had not even written a single word in forever and now I’m signing up to write an entire novel in one month?

Yes, clearly I’m nuts. But I had this story tugging at my heart, my fingers were aching to type and tell the story. So I decided, why not? I have a peaceful corner in my house that I created, dedicated for writing and reading. Might as well put it to use.


I have had this hate and love relationship with writing the past year. I have been doubting myself and my talent, thinking that maybe I’m just not cut out to be a real “writer.” Maybe people just don’t want to tell me the truth, you know? But every time I doubt myself, someone somehow ends up encouraging me or praising me for something I wrote that they recently read.

Okay. Maybe I’m not so bad after all. I decided to go for it.

Write, Deb. You were born to tell stories!

Now that it is November 4th, how am I really doing with #nanowrimo?  It started off a bit rocky. Matter of fact, I did not start writing until day three (yesterday). I finally sat down to WRITE, and boy, did I write. It was as if all I needed was to sit down and just write. Words, characters, and ideas just came flying out. I couldn’t stop. I was excited and thinking non stop about the book and the characters. I still am.

I am writing an entire novel in one month.

no more excuses.

but really, my excuse was that I’ve been too busy reading instead. And at first, I started with a story that just wasn’t it. It felt like I was forcing it. It wasn’t the story I should write.

my heart wanted to tell a different story.

so here I am, writing.

let’s hit those 3k words. Daily.



Enjoy the Season You’re In

I feel like I need a change. Career wise. Why aren’t we ever content with where we are? For whatever reason, I feel like where I am now is not enough or where I truly want to be. But then I hear God whisper to me,

Enjoy the season you’re in.

My husband asked me, “What makes you happy?” “What do you truly want to do?”

Well, Write. Read. Research. Home Decor. Anything House related. 

Sometimes simple questions are more complex than they sound. I know what makes me happy, but it feels like there’s  a bridge between us that I can’t seem to cross over.

Five years ago, I saw myself as a novelist someday. Today, I don’t just see myself as a novelist  someday, because my interests have since then reached into other areas other than fiction.  More realistic goals, I suppose.

If you’re a writer then you understand how difficult it is to find a full-time job in this field or be a full-time  writer.

I’m truly learning to be patient. :: patiently waiting, hoping, and praying for the change my heart so desires.

Mommy Writers

For all my mommy writers,  how do you do it? I know that it is difficult at first, but at what point does it get just a little bit better?

A few weeks ago, I received edits back from my agent. I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy,  so imagine the discomfort.  I hardly did any revising before my water broke on the 22nd of July. My baby boy was born on the 23rd and he is such a cutie. 🙂

I won’t be going back to work until next year, so I’m hoping to be able to do some revising between now and January,  and at the same time take care of my little angel.

I miss writing. But how in the world do first time moms make time for anything else but their little one?

If you have the answer,  let me know.

Why Do You Write?

The thing with writing is that you must find your voice and reveal who you are.

Who are you and why are you writing?
What are you trying to tell the world?
Why should we read anything you write?
What is your purpose?
Are you writing to entertain, inspire, or simply to inform?
Are you holding back?
Don’t just write. Write with a purpose.
We want to get to know you, the real writer hiding deep within. Real writing includes one leaving his or her soul on paper. Real writers expose their real thoughts and imagination. They are not afraid. A lot of writers are afraid to reveal who they really are. They don’t want people to discover their real thoughts and imagination. They are somewhat shy and protective about it all. But that comes with writing–exposing yourself. Your thoughts become naked.
When you made the decision to become a writer, you decided to expose your imagination.
Write like you. The real you. Stop holding yourself back, and let us discover the true writer within you!