Do You Still Write?

There are moments that I cherish with all my heart. Nap time. Quiet time. Me time. Mommy time. However you choose to call it–it’s that moment I get to be myself to write and read. Yesterday, everyone was taking a nap and it was a beautiful moment of silence. Just me, typing on my keyboard after a long, stressful week.  I like to escape in different corners of the house, and yesterday’s choice was the dining room.

I have been job hunting (again) and it has been so draining and stressful. I applied to a minimum of fifty jobs  in my field and have been getting interviews, but so far I am still hoping and praying for a job offer. Long story short, I’m done being an adjunct. I will write another blog post detailing the struggles of #AdjunctLife next time.

Back to the subject at hand, I have not been living what I preach. You know? The whole write everyday thing that I preach to my creative writing students? Guilty.

Do You Still Write?

I get this question often. And the truth is, the past few weeks have been challenging, writing/career wise, but I’m taking it one day at a time. Trying to make time for the things you love can sometimes seem impossible but every time I sit down to write, I remember why I write.  No, I do not write fiction as much, but I do enjoy journaling a lot more. Moral of the story is:

You may fall out of love with a passion because you don’t do it enough, but once you reconnect, things will fall into place.

img_20181022_205012_3902143437309.jpgSo today it’s a late night writing. Matter of fact, I started with some fiction and here I am now writing a blog post after almost two months.  I  am preparing  for National Novel Writing Month. I haven’t done this challenge in seven years, so this shall be fun! I think. Writers, who else is doing #NaNoWriMo with me?

What are you writing this year?

What happens when writing isn’t fun anymore?

For some time now, I have been feeling like writing fiction is a chore instead of my escape.  I used to be able to just sit for hours and enjoy writing. I used to look forward to writing fictional stories.

Have I gotten lazy?

Somewhere between finishing my Master’s in Creative Writing and trying to get published, I lost the bliss. I lost the desire to write fiction. Sure, I’ve had a lot going on the past few years and months (moving to a different state, getting married, grad school, new baby etc), but I don’t think it has anything to do with it. See, there was a time when I would write without the worry of getting published in the back of my mind or meeting a certain deadline for my agent. I would write simply because I wanted to and not because I had to. Writing fiction has turned into a pity chore in the past few years, and I do not enjoy it as much because of those reasons.

You would think that once I found my literary agent, my writing life would be “the dream life,” but instead I find myself losing interest in writing fiction more and more each day.

Maybe it is a phase that I’m going through.

Just the thought of editing or writing my novel makes me yawn or roll my eyes.

I enjoy writing on my blog, journaling, or simply jotting down my thoughts, but fiction writing … I’m dreading it these days.

What makes a good writer?

Someone asked me, “What makes a good writer? ”
Answers vary,  but in my opinion:

Being a good writer is not about how many big words you use or how intelligent you may sound but it’s about creating a world for your readers. A world your readers can escape into.

As a writer,  I try to make sure that I am that type of writer. I’m also a book nerd, so I love when other writers create that world for me!

Happy Saturday!

Mommy Writers

For all my mommy writers,  how do you do it? I know that it is difficult at first, but at what point does it get just a little bit better?

A few weeks ago, I received edits back from my agent. I was in the last weeks of my pregnancy,  so imagine the discomfort.  I hardly did any revising before my water broke on the 22nd of July. My baby boy was born on the 23rd and he is such a cutie. 🙂

I won’t be going back to work until next year, so I’m hoping to be able to do some revising between now and January,  and at the same time take care of my little angel.

I miss writing. But how in the world do first time moms make time for anything else but their little one?

If you have the answer,  let me know.

Does a writer need an MFA degree?

There has always been a debate about this topic. Does a writer need an MFA degree? The answer is NO. You don’t need one and you don’t need an MFA to get an agent or to get published. But the MFA or MA in Creative Writing brings various things to the table, and can open many doors for promising writers.

For me, I didn’t want the degree just because I wanted to get published. Off course I want to get published but that was not my reason for applying to a program. I wanted to grow as a writer, be a part of a writing community, and make connections in the industry. I didn’t have to move across the country because I was in a low-residency program. Meaning, I only traveled to the campus twice a year for 7-10 days and the rest was done at the comfort of my own home.
I must tell you that I have made some of the best connections and friends. I am glad to be a part of such a community of writers. I got to meet great professors who are also writers and published authors. I also got to meet producers, directors, agents, and editors. It was a great experience. One that I was looking for. That is why I decided to go to grad school to pursue a Creative Writing degree. I attended Wilkes University in PA, which is only two hours from NY, so some great agents and editors always came to be a part of our residency.
The thesis (manuscript) I wrote while in the program is the one that got picked up by an agent. There were many times I wanted to give up on this novel, but many people (cohorts, peers, professors) encouraged me to keep writing and keep striving. Had it not been for my wonderful writing community, I would not be where I am today with my writing career.
Another reason for getting an advanced degree was because of teaching. I knew I wanted to teach English/Writing, and that this degree would be beneficial to my career, which it has been so far.
So if you’re debating whether to pursue an MA or MFA in Creative Writing, ask yourself this question: Why do I want this degree?
It all depends on your reason. If you just want to get signed, then this is not for you. The degree isn’t a promise that you’ll get published, but rather an investment in your craft.

What’s Your Thing?

So… I somehow happen to be stuck in the car for one hour right now (long story), so that gives me time to post something while hubz is driving.


This morning,  I took some time and went dancing. Dance is another passion of mine apart from books and writing.  I think it’s good to step away from writing and get involved in an activity that is completely different.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are staring at your computer screen all day. Do some yoga, pilates, or go run. Something.  Do something for yourself that will help you relax. Your body needs it. For me, that thing is dance.

What’s your thing?

Write Your Life Away!

Before you close your eyes tonight, write whatever is on your mind. Write whatever you’re feeling. Let it all out and watch yourself feel relieved. That’s what writing does to me, it relieves me. Look at writing as your friend–one who always listens. And as you type your life away, always remember the gift of writing within you. Use it, don’t waste it!

Happy Writing!

Why Do You Write?

The thing with writing is that you must find your voice and reveal who you are.

Who are you and why are you writing?
What are you trying to tell the world?
Why should we read anything you write?
What is your purpose?
Are you writing to entertain, inspire, or simply to inform?
Are you holding back?
Don’t just write. Write with a purpose.
We want to get to know you, the real writer hiding deep within. Real writing includes one leaving his or her soul on paper. Real writers expose their real thoughts and imagination. They are not afraid. A lot of writers are afraid to reveal who they really are. They don’t want people to discover their real thoughts and imagination. They are somewhat shy and protective about it all. But that comes with writing–exposing yourself. Your thoughts become naked.
When you made the decision to become a writer, you decided to expose your imagination.
Write like you. The real you. Stop holding yourself back, and let us discover the true writer within you!