In Awe of You

I'm in awe of you In awe of the indefinable beauty I see in you One that can never be compared One that can never fade away And one that continues to embellish In you I see myself clearly Because you give me a reason to live Living now has a meaning A meaning that [...]


What makes a good writer?

Someone asked me, "What makes a good writer? " Answers vary,  but in my opinion: Being a good writer is not about how many big words you use or how intelligent you may sound but it's about creating a world for your readers. A world your readers can escape into. As a writer,  I try [...]

Does a writer need an MFA degree?

There has always been a debate about this topic. Does a writer need an MFA degree? The answer is NO. You don’t need one and you don’t need an MFA to get an agent or to get published. But the MFA or MA in Creative Writing brings various things to the table, and can open [...]